Yizzam T-Shirt Review

Yizzam.com. We are the webs largest source for custom cut and sewn Tops, Tees, Tanks, Leggings and much much more. Whether you’re buying a gift or getting something for yourself, we’ve got you covered in allover print sublimated apparel. All items are Made in USA with Enviro-Safe water based dyes. At Yizzam we hand cut, print and sew each item as it’s ordered and most products ship within 24 hours.
I received a T-Shirt from Yizzam at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
I received the Vincent Van Gogh Irises design
My Review
I love to wear unique clothes. I am a comfort minded fashionista. I like clothing that is beautiful, unique, and still comfortable to wear all day. This t shirt I received from Yizzam is the perfect combination. The fabric is super soft, flowy and lightweight, which is great for the hot and humid days in FL. The colors are bright and vibrant, and do not fade or run at all in the wash. The fabric does not stretch out and keeps it shape. The design is one I love. I’m not any kind of art expert or anything like that, but I do like some of Van Goghs paintings and this is one that has always caught my eye. This is also a well known painting, and I have gotten many, many comments of recognition of the design, and compliments on the look of the t shirt.
Yizzam offers a very wide variety of designs and products, so everyone is sure to find something they will love!

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