Turbo FAST Review

On July 31st, Turbo and his crew take Turbotown by storm in the all-new season of DREAMWORKS TURBO FAST, premiering exclusively on Netflix July 31st. The world’s coolest snails take a turn off the track and set off on a wild ride filled with hilarious hijinks at every turn. You’ll laugh out loud when they launch into outer space, battle an apocalyptic robot, clash with a ninja stinkbug and escape a booby-trapped treasure hunt.

My boys loved the original Turbo movie when it came out. When the first season of Turbo FAST showed up on Netflix they were very excited. They have watched these episodes over and over and still never get bored, and laugh the 100th time just like they did the first.
Turbo FAST is a very cute show for kids that is funny and clean. It’s enjoyable for the whole family, and not nearly as annoying as some of the other shows on television and Netflix. There is plenty of adventure and laughs in every episode. My boys are obsessed with racing, and basically anything fast, so this is the perfect cartoon for them. They love watching Turbo and his friends race the different tracks, and take on all the original zany characters.
New episodes are available on July 31st. Mark your calendar!

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