Triscuit Summer Snacks Review

 We believe that when you weave together three simple ingredients, you
get so much more. That’s why Triscuit starts with just wheat, oil and
Triscuit has partnered with five artisanal food producers – Makers of More – to create exclusive products specifically designed for Original Triscuit crackers. Topping the Original Triscuit this summer: Detroit’s McClure’s Pickles’ Olive Tapenade, Brooklyn’s The Jam Stand’s Cherry Ginger Jam, Orlando’s Wondermade’s Blackberry Marshmallow, Portland Oregon’s Olympia Provisions’ Summer Sausage and Georgia’s Savannah Bee Company’s White Honey with Passion Fruit.


Detroit’s McClure’s Pickles’ Olive Tapenade- This is a new item from McClure’s made with all naturally cured green olives from California, McClure’s special brine recipe, garlic, lemon and rosemary. My husband and sons are the pickle eaters in the house, so they were excited to try this new spread on the Triscuit crackers. My husband thought it would be like a relish, but it has a slightly different texture to it. The flavor is kind of strong, but they all liked it pretty well. It was a bit on the strong side for me, but that is truly a matter of personal taste. This would be a nice summer appetizer for parties and get togethers. 
 Brooklyn’s The Jam Stand’s Cherry Ginger Jam- This is a unique flavor to what we normally use in this house. My boys are pretty hooked on their favorite grape and strawberry jellies and jams. It’s nice for the grown ups to have something a little different, and a little more grown up tasting for our snacks. This jam is sweet, with a little bit of tart and is a nice contrast against the salty of the crackers.

 Orlando’s Wondermade’s Blackberry Marshmallow- I will admit I have a bit of a marshmallow addiction. I didn’t share very many of these. I’m such a mean mommy. I have had flavored marshmallows before, so I was excited to try this new flavor. The marshmallows were full of flavor, and melt in your mouth squishy. These only lasted about 2 days here, and we didn’t even get to try them on the Triscuit’s. I can imagine the marshmallows would also be a great sweet and salty contrast with the crackers.
 Portland Oregon’s Olympia Provisions’ Summer Sausage-  My husband is a huge fan of summer sausage. He usually keeps some on hand and changes out what kinds of crackers and cheese he uses. This sausage has a great taste to it, it’s a little tangy but not too spicy for me and our boys to be able to enjoy it. This summer sausage can be eaten just sliced and with some cheese and crackers, or you can heat it up a little bit on the stove also.
 Georgia’s Savannah Bee Company’s White Honey with Passion Fruit- Honey is delicious, but flavored honey is even better. We have just recently discovered the deliciousness of different flavors of honey. There is such a wide variety that you would probably never get bored of trying new ones. This Passion Fruit honey is smooth, creamy, and absolutely mouth watering. You only need to use a little bit of this honey to enjoy the flavor, so even a small jar lasts awhile. 
We weren’t huge fans of Triscuit crackers before this review, but now that we know there are so many different products out there to accompany them, I think we will be including them on our grocery shopping lists more often.

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