Top Tips for an Allergy Controlled Home

When you have kids, there are plenty of things that you can’t plan for. You may be able to set up a nursery and get in all the essential supplies, but there will always be some surprises. One of the things you won’t be able to predict is whether your child has any allergies. It can be upsetting when you discover that they have a reaction to pets, food, dust mites or other irritants. If your child has asthma that’s made worse by allergens or perhaps even hay fever, you might need to keep your house a little cleaner than some other people. Keep your home spick and span with these tips for allergy control.
When you’re assessing how to make your home cleaner and safer for you child, you can start with the floors. If you have carpets, you might decide to get rid of them entirely. You can replace them with hard floors and rugs that you can easily put into the washing machine. However, not everyone can or wants to replace their carpets. If you have to keep yours, you can do your best to keep them clean. Regular vacuuming is a good place to start, but deeper cleaning could be needed too. You can use a carpet dry cleaning service or shampoo your carpets as often as you can to get rid of allergens.
Your child spends a lot of time snuggled up in their bed, so you need to make it safe for them. Look for bedding that helps to prevent allergies, such as covers for pillows and comforters that protect against dust mites. You should wash bedding regularly at a high temperature to kill off anything that could irritate allergies. If your child has sensitive skin, make sure you use a detergent that’s suitable for them too.
If you discover your child is allergic to pet dander, you might have to take the decision to rehome them. However, this isn’t always possible, so you might have to use some other solutions. If your pets are sticking around, make sure you vacuum and dust the house regularly. Grooming them and perhaps even bathing them could help to reduce the amount of dander around your home. If the weather is suitable, you can try to keep them outside as much as possible too.
Air Cleanliness
You might also want a way to purify the air in your home. You can use an air filter to get rid of small particles for cleaner air. Buy a vacuum cleaner with an HEPA filter too. Some allergy and asthma sufferers also use dehumidifiers, but there isn’t much agreement as to whether they help. 
Dust Reduction
Built up dust can result in more dust mites, so reducing it will help. Get rid of any small items that will collect dust or clutter that will do the same. Dust the house regularly to keep it under control.
It can be worrying when your child suffers from allergies, but there’s plenty you can do around the house to help them. As well as making some permanent changes, you can keep a rigorous cleaning schedule.

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