The Importance of Employment Drug Testing

The Importance of Employment Drug Testing
Each year more businesses partake in the act of conducting pre-employment and employment drug testing. They conduct these tests to protect themselves from liabilities and losses. Most businesses put their new employees into training programs so that they can learn their jobs. Training programs may last one to four weeks depending on the complexity of the position. Those training programs may cost the company thousands of dollars if they provide accommodations such as hotel rooms and computers. Issuing pre-employment drug tests is wise in that regard. 
Pre-employment drug testing can prevent some intercompany crimes from occurring, as well. An employee may steal from an employer if he or she has a severe problem with drugs. Not hiring someone who shows signs of drug usage can help to keep company losses down to a minimum. 
Some employers issue drug tests periodically to ensure that their employees are not involved with drugs. That step is wise because it prevents an ongoing dangerous situation. Workers can get into accidents and fights if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They will not provide the best service to the customers either. Therefore an employer that stays on top of things by checking for drug usage is a smart employer. 
Many types of drug tests exist, and each type has its benefits and its disadvantages. A hair test can trace drug use back about 90 days, but it is more expensive than other tests are. Employers usually order hair tests when they have large budgets. Urine tests are much cheaper than hair tests are, but they can only go back about 30 days. A chronic drug user could still slip through the cracks so to speak. Urine tests are for companies that have a high turnover rate and tight budget. 
Rapid diagnostic tests are available online for businesses that need quick results. Companies sell them online in boxes of about 25 to 50 kits. A business could get a wonderful deal on the tests and protect itself from problems and complications. A quick phone call can set an order in motion.

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