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Natural Stone Tiles For Your Kitchen Floor
If you’re thinking about renovating your kitchen, you’ll want a flooring material that’s functional as well as beautiful. Natural stone tiles or pavers will provide a stylish, updated look and a durable, easy to maintain floor. With a wide variety of stones and colors to choose from, it will be easy to find the perfect flooring for your kitchen. 
Natural Stone
Although more expensive than some other flooring materials, it’s hard to beat the beauty of natural stone. It looks great in every interior design style whether formal, casual or rustic. Stone tiles and pavers come in rectangular and square shapes, a variety of sizes and colors, and tumbled or polished finishes. 
Made from igneous rock that’s found far below the earth’s surface, granite is the hardest and least porous of all the natural stones. Because it’s so dense, it provides a strong, durable surface that will not absorb most spills and stains. It stands up to extreme heat and cold and won’t crack or chip easily if you accidentally drop a skillet on the floor while cooking.
Marble is made from a metamorphic rock that’s typically mined in quarries around the world. The beauty of marble is the colorful veins that form in the stone while underground. It’s the second hardest natural stone, but doesn’t equal the dense structure and durability of granite. Although the veins provide marble’s natural beauty, they also create weak spots that are more vulnerable to cracks and chips. 
Slate, a natural stone quarried from the ground, is strong, durable and easy to maintain. Because of its unique, random color patterns, it creates a beautiful flooring material with organic appeal from earth tone colors and uneven textures. If you select a strong color, keep your cabinets and coutertop surfaces rather neutral so the kitchen doesn’t get too busy. 
Limestone is an elegant stone that contains traces of fossils from marine life and shellfish that have embedded in the stone while underwater. Although neutral tones and light colors like white, ivory and tan give limestone a sophisticated, warm appearance, it isn’t as strong or durable as granite, marble or slate. The embedded fossils create pits that make limestone porous, so it should always be sealed. 
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