New Costumes from Costume SuperCenter Review

CostumeSuperCenter is your one-stop source for costumes and accessories for all holidays, parties and occasions. At, costumes are not just for Halloween!
We received a costume from Costume SuperCenter at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
We chose the Ninja Turtles Costume for my 7 year old to review.
He loved it!

Costumes are not just for Halloween in this house. My boys love to pretend play, and when they are able to have actual dress up costumes or clothes to go with their imagination, it is so much funner for them. My 7 year old is very into the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He was very excited, to say the least, when this new costume arrived for him from Costume SuperCenter! He could not wait to try it on. The material is soft and stretchy, which is good because he’s a constant motion machine. The extra pieces are also soft, attach by velcro so they stay on, and come back off easily. The mask is also made of a soft rubber material, so it’s easy for him to wear, and doesn’t scratch up his face like the plastic ones sometimes do.
My son has been wearing this costume now a few times a week and absolutely loves it. It has gone through the wash once and has held up perfectly. He is also now very excited that he already has his Halloween costume and can’t wait to go around and show all the neighbors and get candy!

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