How To Get Around Vancouver, BC

How to Get Around Vancouver, BC

When visiting Vancouver, there is no need to rent a car
because the city has a superior public transit system. Known as TransLink, the
public transportation option encompasses the SkyTrain, buses and ferries to get
you around quickly and efficiently. Numerous hotels in Vancouver
are located in the downtown district within walking distance to the
transportation options the city has to offer.
Here is a guide to successfully getting around Vancouver.


TransLink will efficiently get you anywhere you want to go
in Metro Vancouver. It is also a unique transportation system because the
entire design of TransLink focuses on providing passenger with unforgettable
views of the city. When riding any one of TransLink’s services, you will have
the dual opportunity of not only getting to your destination, but also enjoying
a bit of sightseeing.
Within the heart of downtown Vancouver sits the Four SeasonsHotel. It is within walking distance to several TransLink
transit options, any of which will whisk you to whichever destination you


The TransLink bus service runs from 5:00 a.m. until 1:00
a.m. every day. The city’s express line makes fewer stops than the traditional
buses and are often favored by local commuters. The TransLink bus service is
operated by the Coast Mountain Bus Company.
The MetropolitanVancouver Hotel sits near numerous bus stops, which makes
utilizing public transportation in the city a breeze.


The SkyTrain serves downtown Vancouver and the outlying
areas. The SkyTrain runs every day and you will only have to wait a few minutes
between cars.

Canada Line

The Canada Line is a part of the SkyTrain system. You can
ride a speeding train from the airport to downtown Vancouver or out to
Richmond. There are 16 stations servicing the Canada Line, and the trains leave
every four or seven minutes and run seven days a week.


The SeaBus ferry service runs from Waterfront Station in
Vancouver to Lonsdale Quay. It runs daily and is the perfect way to catch
unforgettable views of the city and the nearby mountains framed by the sea.


The AquaBus will take you to Granville Island, a popular
tourist area to dine and shop for the day. If you plan to visit Granville
Island, consider staying in one of the GranvilleIsland Hotel’s 82 comfortable guest rooms.

Vancouver provides visitors and locals with optimum
transportation options. If you plan to spend a weekend or an extended vacation
in the area, you will not have a problem getting around and exploring all that
the area has to offer with exceptional public transportation options provided
by the city.

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