Gaea Extra Virgin Olive Oil Review

In constant search of the very best olive oil, Gaea has traveled all over Greece selecting producers and products of exceptional quality and distinct characteristics from the country’s most celebrated olive oil producing regions. The P.D.O. region of Sitia in eastern Crete is one of the most celebrated olive oil producing territories in the world. Since the Minoan era, almost 5000 years ago, the extended sunshine, mountainous grounds and rich soils of Crete, have provided a unique microclimate for the cultivation of olive trees. Obtained directly from handpicked renowded ” Koroneiki” variety olives, the first cold-pressed superior category olive oil carries the unique combination of a harmonious taste with a fruity & slightly peppery aroma.
We received a bottle of the Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
Our Review
My husband is the cook in our house, and he loves to cook with Olive Oil. He likes to test out recipes with different types of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I didn’t tell him this bottle was coming, so it was a nice surprise for him. He could not wait to start cooking with it. One of our favorite side dishes is fried potatoes. This EVOO makes frying potatoes easy, no sticking to the pan at all, and adds a really great flavor. He has also added a little bit of this olive oil to water when we cook pasta. It keeps the pasta from sticking, and adds a nice flavor to the pasta itself to go along with the sauce and spices we use. It only takes a small amount to add a lot of flavor to all of our favorite dishes!
Gaea:  Rosemary, Thyme, Garlic and Lemon Marinade

Splash of Gaea Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 x lemon
2 cloves garlic
Few sprigs fresh thyme
Few sprigs fresh rosemary
Mix together 2 cloves garlic, a few sprigs of thyme and a few rosemary stalks in a little Gaea Greek extra virgin olive oil. Add the juice of 1 lemon and the zest of half a lemon along with some salt and pepper and pour over the chicken.
  1. Hi its not good to cook with olive oil because it does not have a high smoke point and so it becomes rancid and unhealthy for your body. I know everyone is doing it but it doesnt mean it is right.

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