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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Exploit Your Inner Connoisseur With These Eclectic Cuisines in Miami

Miami is a fusion of different cultures and cuisines, all of which are equally exotic and delicious--if you're willing to give them a shot. This globally-inspired city offers a slew of cuisines from countries across the world. The next time you browse for cheap flights and Miami hotels, consider satiating your inner connoisseur with a multitude of these deliciously eclectic cuisines.

Excite Your Palate With Lip-Smacking Cuban Delights

Miami is immersed in Cuban influence, seen in the city's architecture, culture and cuisine. Cuban cuisine dominates the dining scene in Miami with a bevy of Cuban-influenced restaurants. Cuban dishes like "Moros y Cristianos" (rice and black beans) and "Boliche" (beef roast) are a goldmine for foodies interested in Cuban fare. Versailles on SW 8th Street and Puerto Sagua on Collins Avenue serve up an excellent Cuban fare that's not to be missed.

Fascinate Your Taste Buds With Spicy Vietnamese Delicacies

There's nothing more authentically Vietnamese than a big bowl of spicy aromatic pho--a clear noodle-based broth produced with fish spices, beef bones, lamb, star anise, cinnamon and other spices. The broth is usually served with your choice of meat and accompaniments like chilies, lime and basil. Miami is blessed with a myriad of authentic Vietnamese restaurants. Miss Saigon on Washington Avenue and Hy-Vong on SW 8th Street are local Vietnamese institutions well worth your time.

Feast Your Senses With Mediterranean Indulgences

If you can't get enough hummus or grilled lamb kebabs, you'll be ecstatic to know that Miami offers some of the most authentic Mediterranean restaurants in the country. With walloping platters of baba ghanoush and hummus dips served with luscious and tenderly grilled meats, Mediterranean cuisine holds a special place in Miami's animated lifestyle. To get an authentic Mediterranean fix in Miami, visit Maroosh on Valencia Avenue or try Pasha's on Lincoln Road.

Fall in Love Forever With French Pleasures

When romance and love are in the cards, you can't go wrong with French cuisine in Miami. The French have transformed cooking into an enchanting art form with dishes ranging from light baguettes and glazed fish to ratatouille and escargot. Miami is home to a vast number of French bistros. Cafe Bastille on SE 1st Street and Le Bouchon on Main Highway are two must-try French restaurants in Miami. Apart from the many independent restaurants operating in the city, JW MarriottMarquis Miami has an excellent French restaurant that may interest hotel guests.
As a food connoisseur with a simple love for gastronomic delights, you'll be overjoyed to experience the vibrant cuisines this city has to offer -- whether you're staying in the Four SeasonsHotel or in the Days Inn in Miami.

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