Ergo Chef Review

Ergo Chef is revolutionizing the culinary industry with ergonomic cutlery and gadgets that match user comfort with the highest quality craftsmanship & precision.
As an experienced chef, there are some things you just know, like the kitchen tools you use to prepare food with are just as important as the food you are preparing. Take for instance, your knives. The sharper the blade, the more efficient cutting, slicing and dicing becomes. Plus, a dull blade is much more likely than a sharp one to slip off that potato you are chopping and slice a finger instead, giving a whole new meaning to “fingerling potatoes.” The Ergo Chef line of knife sharpeners for home or professional use ensures knives are always as sharp as the first day they were used, for fast, efficient chopping and minimal mishaps.
I received the Ergo Chef FASTEDGE® Manual Pull through Sharpener at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

Our Review
This Ergo Chef sharpener is a great addition to our kitchen. My husband is the chef of the house and uses some of our knives for chopping and cutting quite frequently. He has needed a sharpener for awhile now and was happy when this one arrived. This sharpener is easy to use, I can use it with no problem and I have weakness in my wrists and hands.
This Ergo Chef sharpener works great and sharpens our kitchen knives perfectly so we can keep using them to chop. cut and dice. This is easy to take apart and clean, and when needed the cartridge that does the sharpening is replaceable.  This is a great must have item for any chefs kitchen!

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