Eposeidon Kast King Product Review

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We received 6 different products from Eposeidon at no cost in exchange for an honest review


My husband has always loved fishing, but now that we live in Florida he’s been able to fish more and really enjoy it more than he was able to where we lived up north. My husband was very excited when I was offered the opportunity to review these items from Eposeidon, and could not wait to start using these products.

Reel- This reel comes with a nice dust bag and 2 additional tools. The reel is very nice looking and obviously of high quality. My husband says it’s a thing of beauty. The reel was very easy to attach to my husbands new pole I just bought him for Father’s Day. He has used this reel a few times now, and likes that it can be used for fresh or salt water fishing. It was easy to get the line loaded and attached. It casts and reels smoothly, and my husband, and even my son (10 years old) had no issues using the reel and really enjoyed it. The last time they went fishing the boys caught a few mid sized cat fish and were very excited. They cannot wait to get out on a real fishing trip and see just what this amazing reel can do.

KastKing Fishing Grip- This is a really nice and easy to use gripper with scale. My husband said it worked perfectly, he was able to remove the hook from the fish they caught easily without hassle. The digital read out was easy to read, and the boys were excited to see the weight of the fish they caught. They caught a few one and a half pounders, and were very proud of themselves. The gripper clips onto his pants, and has a lanyard attachment for a belt loop, so if the gripper falls out of the case, it’s not lost, and is easily available when you catch the big one.

KastKing Multi Function Scissors- These scissors are a must have for every tackle box. These scissors cut through even heavy braided line with ease. They fold and unfold with ease, so they don’t take up much room in a tackle box, and are easy to keep handy when working with fishing lines. They are made with corrosion resistant stainless steel, which is great since fishing is a wet sport. The finger holes are comfortable and my husband has no problem using these.

KastKing Braid Fishing Line, KastKing Copolymer Line, KastKing Mono Line- My husband is really enjoying these fishing lines from KastKing. They all are easy to use and cast, with no knotting or kinking when he loads them on the reel. He can switch between the lines easily depending on what type of fishing he is doing.  From small fish to bigger fish, he can count these fishing lines to reel in what he catches.

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