Devera Naturals Review

Devera Naturals’ natural skincare products reflect the original recipes formulated by Swiss ancestors based on our shared belief that pure ingredients provide the best results.
I received Bodacious Lips at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

Plant extracts and emollient oils combine to make this rich and lasting formula a winner! This multi-tasking formula is a plumper, balm, and gloss! Licorice Root extract helps increase collagen in the lips. A unique Micro-Delivery System delivers the extract to the lips for long-term hydration and plumping.
My Review
I have always had kind of thin lips, and my lips are affected by weather outside, and the air conditioned environment I work in. I use Chap-Stick and other products, and they help with the dryness and keeping my lips from cracking. I have not tried a product with a plumper in it before, and was excited to try this one.
This product goes on smooth and has almost no scent to it. I have heard other’s say that some plumpers can make your lips feel swollen, or sting. I did not experience either of these effects with this product. It was the same feeling as wearing lip gloss or lip balm. my lips looked a little fuller, and soft, and they felt great. No cracking or splitting skin anymore!
If you are looking for an easy to use, and very useful lip product this is it!

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