With the new RFID technology embedded in all credit cards, criminals can get your financial and personal information easier than ever, even from a distance. BLOCKIT RFID Blocking Sleeves are engineered with 3-layers of protection; an aluminum interior that blocks 13.56MHz signals, a copper middle layer that blocks 125kHz signals, and a full color glossy outer layer that makes your cards look great!
We received 2 BLOCKIT RFD Sleeves at no cost in exchange for an honest review
Our Review
I work for a call center for different credit unions. I take phone calls all day long about fraud charges and card numbers being used by scammers and theifs. The scammers are getting more resourceful and the banks and consumers are scrambling to stay ahead of them. 
One of the ways you can try to protect yourself from this happening, is by using an RFID blocking sleeve. The sleeves prevent thieves from using an electronic scannerer to grab your card number and assign it to a blank card, or use the number online.
These RFID sleeves from BlockIt are thin and flexible, fit most debit and credit cards, and fit easily in pockets and even inside wallets. There are several designs to choose from. They are portable to be carried by themselves as well as a wallet or purse. Using one of these will make you feel secure in carrying your cards when you are out.

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