Viki’s Granola Review

Created by a mom of three with a passion for health and cooking, Viki’s Foods is dedicated to creating foods made from inspiration and high quality ingredients, with health and happiness at the core. All of Viki’s recipes are “one of a kind culinary art creations,” with a strong emphasis on taste, presentation, and consistency. The family owned and operated brand prides itself on its approach to maintain traditional, homemade cooking. As the fastest growing granola on the market, Viki’s believes in doing everything naturally and whole-heartedly. “Love is our first ingredient.” For additional information or to find a Viki’s retailer near you, please visit,
We received a package of Viki’s Granola at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
Our Review
I am always on the lookout for great tasting and healthy snacks for myself and my family. Granola is a favorite here for my boys and husband, especially when they are fishing or hiking. It’ a great non messy car trip and park snack too. Granola is something I can take for a snack at work that curbs my sweet cravings during the day. It is all around the best snack to have on hand for any occasion.
I received the Maple Cranberry flavor granola from Vicki’s Granola. This is just the right amount of sweet without being too sugary tasting. The resealable bag makes this easy to bring along anywhere you might get a snack craving. There is literally no good reason not to give Vicki’s Granola a try! Check them out at the links below!

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