Spring Into Science DVD Review & Giveaway

Spring is in the air! To celebrate, NCircle Entertainment is offering a “Spring into Science” review and giveaway opportunity, featuring some of our most popular science-oriented brands. The package includes four new NCircle Entertainment DVDs from Sid the Science Kid, The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!, Octonauts and Dino Dan. The SRP for the complete package is $45.00.
Dino Dan: Swimming with Dinosaurs!
(SRP $9.99)
Dino Dan fans, it’s time to join Trek and learn about some of the coolest dinosaurs yet! Dive into dino adventures in the water on the new DVD Swimming with Dinosaurs!
Sid the Science Kid: Encyclopedia of Discovery 
(SRP $9.99)
Sid the Science Kid inspires children to ask questions about how the world works, embracing every child’s natural passion for fun and discovery. Explore 26 exciting topics with Sid and is friends in this Encyclopedia of Discovery!
· 26 mini-episodes (never-before-seen)
· Bonus episode: Get Up and Move!
Discover & Investigate with the Cat in the Hat 
(SRP $14.99)
Season 1 of Cat in the Hat is now on DVD! Discover and investigate with the Cat in the Hat, Sally, and Nick as they are whisked off on extraordinary voyages of scientific discovery. Hop on the thinga-ma-jigger and let’s explore!
· Season 1, Volume 2
Octonauts: Crocodiles & Crabs!
(SRP $9.99)
Sound the octo-alert and join the Octonauts above and below the waves! Help them rescue a gigantic saltwater crocodile, learn about hermit crabs and their shells, and explore a sunken pirate ship with slime eels. Enjoy these adventures and more now on their new DVD Crocodiles & Crabs!
Dino Dan: Swimming With Dinosaurs-Trek’s Adventures is a very educational and fun way for children to learn all about dinosaurs in a different environment than what we are used to learning about.  Trek’s Adventures takes us through the world of aquatic dinosaurs, complete everything from names to habitats.  Although Dino Dan isn’t the main character in this series, Trek does a wonderful job of making this underwater world fun and exciting.  My boys really enjoyed learning about all of the dinosaurs.  They were also really excited that they learned something new about dinosaurs living underwater because we never really hear much about those dinosaurs.  I would definitely recommend this DVD to anyone who has little ones that enjoy learning about dinosuars.  It’s fun, different and a very good learning experience.

Well, what can I say about Sid the Science Kid?  We all enjoy this show.  Sid  and his friends Gabriella, May and Gerald always find fun, yet easy to understand ways of learning about all sorts of different things.  I love how his parents and Teacher Susie are always so knowledgable and supportive of what the children are trying to learn about.  They give away just enough information to make the children want to learn and explore the subject more.  I also like how happy and upbeat this show is, which makes children want to go out and learn and explore themselves just like Sid and his friends.  This show makes sure that children know that it is ok to ask lots of questions and explore to find the answers, which is perfect for school age children.

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That, and with the help of Sally, Nick and a lot of other fun and helpful friends, your little ones will learn about things like how penguins get around and why rainbows appear.  Hopping into the Thinga-Ma-Jigger always means that something fun, educational and exciting is about to happen.  This DVD is full of exploration and teaches children how fun it is to investigate new things and how they happen and work.  We enjoyed being able to imagine taking a ride on a real Thinga-Ma-Jigger and pretend to explore new things where we live.  I highly recommend this DVD for little ones who are full of questions and like to use their imaginations.  It would also be a great way to try to get those who aren’t very imaginative to give it try.

Octonauts: Crocodiles & Crabs, the name explains it all.  In this DVD you get to tag along as the Octonauts help crocodiles and crabs who need to be rescued and they also help to protect their natural habitats.  The Octonauts are always so helpful and they are amazing at helping children understand exactly why they are doing what they are doing to help these animals.  In the water and on land, the Octonauts find exciting ways to help and protect.  My family really enjoyed learning about the different types of crabs and how they lived.  It was an exceptionally educational experience without being overdone or boring.  We definitely recommend this DVD.


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