NeuTab Tablet Review

NeuTab is one of the best-selling tablets on Amazon, offering several different high-quality products with exceptional performance and a great value.

Our Review
We are an electronics addicted household. We have internet, cell phones, laptops, and 3 different tablet/e readers right now. We were sent this NeuTab Tablet to review. My boys and husband were very excited to get this. They have hardly left this tablet alone since we have received it.
This tablet is very slim and stream lined and is also lightweight and easy to travel with. The touchscreen is responsive and the apps and games load quickly when you tap on them. We are all Android fans here, and love the options and selection in the Google Play Store. This tablet has 8 GB of storage so we can all add our favorite apps and games, browse the internet, and watch You Tube videos with no slow down or bothersome “loading” circles. We can add a micro sd card also if we need more space.
The NeuTab Tablet also has Bluetooth built in, so you can use wireless headphones and a Bluetooth wireless keyboard if you would like. The battery life is pretty good too for a tablet. If you keep the screen brightness down, the battery will last even longer.
The customer service from NeuTab is amazing. The first tablet we received would not charge correctly. I emailed the company, and had a free return label and a new tablet within a few days.
As I said we have a lot of electronics in the house, and I have had several tablets. This is one of the best quality tablets, at the best price, I have had in the last several years.

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