Minuscule: Valley of the Lost Ants! Review

After a couple leaves their picnic in a hurry, a gang of hungry ants moves in to steal what could be their most coveted treasure: a tin box filled with sugar cubes. But before they can get away with the loot, a newly-born ladybug strays from its own family and gets trapped inside the box! The ladybug is soon spirited away by the ants as they try to transport their prize across the woods toward their colony. Together, the insects embark on an epic journey to protect their sugar.
We received a copy of Minuscule at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
You can view the trailer for the movie HERE

Our Review

This movie is unique to the movies my boys usually watch. The only voice is the narrator, and the characters communicate by gesture and sounds. It makes the bug characters more realistic, and the story plays out in a cute way with the ants and the ladybug defending their sugar. There were plenty of laughs to be had and we had a lot of fun watching this movie together. The ants use every day objects in their fight for the sugar like paper money and q-tips, and my boys thought that was absolutely genius. My boys actually sat through the whole movie without getting bored and walking away. That is the ultimate mark of approval from them! This is a great gem of a family movie!

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