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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Hallmark Channel's When Calls the Heart Review

Elizabeth Thatcher (Krakow) is an independent, strong-willed teacher who has foregone the life of the big city and found a job, a home – and a bit of unexpected romance with a handsome Mountie named Jack (Lissing) – in the small frontier town of Coal Valley. But when she receives a telegram informing her that her mother has taken ill, she returns to Hamilton, her hometown, with Jack as her escort. Once in the comparably opulent Hamilton, Elizabeth and Jack are confounded by Jack’s ne’er-do-well brother and Elizabeth’s former suitor, Charles Kensington. But it is Elizabeth’s father, William, who drives a wedge between them when he suggests to class-conscious Jack that Charles would be a better match for his well-bred daughter. This is a story about love… frontier style.

We received a copy of DVD's 1 and 2 for Season 2 at no cost in exchange for an honest review

My Review

I don't often get to watch movies of my choice in this house, so I could not wait to check out this DVD from Hallmark Channel. I had not seen season one when it ran on Hallmark Channel, but now I am engrossed by the story and will be going back and watching it to catch up with the season two dvd's that I have received.

This show has a blend of faith, family, adventure and romance. The actors play their parts perfectly and you will be hooked by the story line and the depth of the characters personalities. This is a show that every member of the family from mom to son can sit and enjoy watching together. There is something for everyone to enjoy in the stories.

Releasing on DVD May 26th 2015!


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