FilterSnap Review

If you are anything like us, you know that you are supposed to change the air filters in your home on a regular basis– ideally at least every three months. This sounds easy, all you need to do is pick up replacements at the store. Then you find yourself standing in the local home improvement store staring at an entire aisle of air filters. Who knew there were so many sizes, shapes and quality choices for something as simple as an air filter? There has to be an easier way!
There is! We call it FilterSnap. Simply tell us what filters you need, and how often you would like to replace them. We will ship you the exact filters you need, when it is time to replace them. No need to remember, or take trips to the store– we’ve got you covered.
We received a filter from FilterSnap at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
FilterSnap offers three levels of filters:

The Basic filter takes care of the big stuff. Perfect if you have no allergy sufferers, are non-smokers, and your filter is not located in the garage. 
The Standard filter handles the big stuff, plus some of the smaller particles. Great if you have smokers, multiple pets, or family members with minor allergies.
The Ultimate filter is Great Wall of China of air filters. Even the smallest dirt particles will meet their match with this filter. This is the best choice if you have family members that suffer from major allergies or asthma.
Our Review
We all suffer from allergies in our house, so we need to have good filters and we have to remember to change them on time. With FilterSnap we get both of these needs met easily. FilterSnap offers a selection of filters based on the needs of your home, in the size you need, and at an affordable price. They offer a service where you select the filter quality, the size, and how often you need to replace them. Then FilterSnap sends you a filter on your schedule so you always remember when to change them, and you don’t have to remember to go to the store to buy a new one.
We got a filter from FilterSnap at no charge. It arrived quickly, was correctly sized and fit our vent perfectly. We have noticed a difference in how we breathe and how we feel with this filter, compared to some of the cheaper ones we have been using. This is a great service that makes at least one part of your life and house routine a little easier and less bothersome. I definitely recommend checking out FlterSnap!

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