Cost of Survival Review

We are so excited to share the covers for this amazing series – Worth of Souls. The first book will be released July 6, book 2 July 8, and book 3 July 10 but you can pre-order NOW so they come to your eReader the day of release! 
Anger isn’t an emotion anymore, it’s more of a survival mode I can’t afford to let go.
My dad predicted World War III would happen in his life, but he died two years before… with my brother……before Mom and I walked in search of refuge from the bombing.
Strengthened by her faith, Mom never feels alone. But me? I don’t know what to believe or where to turn. Someone once said keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but I disagree. Friends scare me the most. They know me and my mom. Nothing about them is safe. The ones in charge… Control everything…Crud, I’ve started crying because I’m scared I won’t survive World War III. But a bigger part of me is scared I will. My mom is bleeding in my arms and she’s making me promise to follow her three rules. Pray. Don’t trust anyone. Stay alive. How long do I need to break all three?
My Review
I have enjoyed many of Bonnie R. Paulson’s books and have yet to be disappointed. This new book is the first of three in her new Worth of Souls series. The story starts strong and takes the reader on a fast paced run for survival.  The world is falling apart and Kelly and her mom are trying to survive. This first book sets up the rest of the series, so I can’t say much without giving a lot of spoilers. The story moves very quickly and there is a lot of action and emotion packed into this first installment. I cannot wait to see what comes next for Kelly and the other characters. 

Bonnie R. Paulson mixes her science and medical background with reality and possibilities to make even myths seem likely and give every romance the genetic strength to survive. Bonnie has discovered a dark and twisty turn in her writing that she hopes you enjoy as much as she has enjoyed uncovering it. Dirt biking with her family in the Northwest keeps her sane.

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