Cappelli Straworld Pack A Hat Review

The new Cappelli Straworld, Inc Pack A Hat!™, with its sun hat (rated UPF 50+) tucked inside a miniature wristlet tote bag, is as summer-chic as it is practical—and at an affordable $25 retail, is sure to be a popular choice both for personal use and gifting. It will be in stores for spring/summer 2015.
I received a Cappelli Straworld Pack A Hat at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

My Review
I have reviewed previously for Cappelli Pack A Hat and loved the product. I was thrilled to be asked to review again and get one of their new colors out this season. This is really the must have of the summer for women. Where I’m at in FL we go to the beach quite a bit, and I am very sensitive to the sun. It gets very hot so I don’t want something heavy and bulky either that is going to make me feel hotter and sweat more. The hat in the Pack A Hat is lightweight, and has a wide brim to protect your face neck and shoulders. The colors offered go with almost any ensemble. The hats are very fashionable and cute. 
The bag part of the Pack of Hat is the perfect size to hold the hat when you are not wearing it, and all the must have essentials like cell phone, money, ID, keys and a few other things. The bag has a wrist strap on it so it is is easy and convenient to carry. This bag is perfect for everything from a day at the beach to date night or girls night out. 
This is the perfect ensemble for any season and any occasion. I love these products and will be looking to get more colors soon!
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