Wolfy, The Incredible Secret Review

Wolfy is a wolf, Tom is a rabbit. Though they’re from opposite ends of the food chain, they’ve been inseparable since childhood. The orphaned Wolfy learns from a gypsy that his mother is still alive. The two friends set out to find her in the principality of Wolfenberg, the Land of the Wolves. Despite his fear of “the fanged ones,” Tom agrees to accompany his friend as they venture far from their peaceful countryside home. They arrive right in the middle of the Carne Festival, an annual gathering of the world’s most renowned carnivores. Who will survive and who will be the main dish du jour? What incredible secret lies behind Wolfy’s birth?
We received a copy of Wolfy, The Incredible Secret at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
Our Review
My boys are movie fanatics like me. I am constantly on the hunt for great, fun and appropriate movies for them. Their grandfather has bought them their own personal travel DVD player, so the need for movies has increased in the past couple months. I came across this gem, and we were lucky enough to receive a review copy. This is a cute, family friendly movie with a sweet message of friendship. It is also a tale of secrets and adventure. The characters are lovable and the animation is colorful and engaging. The story is well written and interesting for the youngest to the oldest in the family. Wolfy is a great addition to family movie night and gets 5/5 stars from us! 

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