Which mattress is best for a bad back?

Which mattress is best for a bad back?
Considering we spend an average of more than 2,300 hours a year sleeping, it’s surprising how little thought we tend to put into our choice of mattresses. All too often, we put up with lumpy, unsupportive or just plain uncomfortable mattresses. 
The fact is, the quality of these products can have a major impact on our ability to sleep soundly and it can also affect our health. If you suffer from a bad back, it’s especially important that you select a top-notch mattress. To help you find the perfect product, take a look at the following tips.
Know the basics
Although there’s no right and wrong when it comes to buying mattresses, experts advise that for people with sore backs, a firm design generally works best. These sleeping platforms should be solid enough to support your body while providing cushioning for your shoulders and buttocks, and they should also help to keep your spine straight.
Choose a suitable style
Because of the sheer number of products available these days, it can be confusing to know where to start your search, even if you know what qualities you’re looking for. From open coil to foam, there are a range of different styles on offer. An increasingly popular option is the pocket sprung mattress. These sleeping aids contain a series of springs that are sewn into individual fabric pockets and they can offer impressive levels of support. For added comfort, you might benefit from opting for versions topped with layers of temperature and pressure sensitive memory foam. This material moulds to the shape of your body and it may help to relieve any aches and pains in your back by cushioning your muscles and joints. You can find out more about these mattresses online by visiting websites like http://adjustablebeds.co.uk/.
It’s worth doing some research about the various styles of mattress on offer before you narrow down your options. Take the time to read some user reviews too, and look out for comments made by people who are suffering from bad backs. This should steer you in the right direction and it could help you to avoid making potentially costly mistakes.
Try before you buy
The quality and suitability of mattresses is highly subjective and it’s affected by things like your weight and physique, as well as whether you prefer to sleep on your back or your side. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to try these products before you commit to buying them. You won’t know whether a mattress is right for you until you’ve actually experienced the level of comfort and support if offers for yourself.

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