Venta Airwasher Review

The Two in One System – It’s a humidifier and an air purifier. Premium Quality. Made in Germany. 
Proven effective in the treatment, or avoidance of:
Common Colds
Sore Throats
Chest & Nose Congestion
Nose bleeding
Dry skin / Chapped lips
Allergies: Dust mites, Animal hair, Pollen, etc.
Air Pollution
Improving Ambient Smells
Furniture cracking
Damage to music instruments (wood)
We received the LW25 Venta Airwasher at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
Dual function: air humidifier and purifier combined
Compact, efficient, and powerful, 
for rooms up to 400 sq. feet
Low maintenance – just add water 
Auto shut-off feature and low water indicators
Light and durable – weighs only 8.5 lbs.
Energy-efficient, requiring little power (<10 watts)
Simple to use with on/off light and speed controls
2X year worry-free cleaning
Works with any water density, from soft to hard
Made in Germany, used worldwide
No ions, no ozone, no white dust; will not over-humidify

Our Review
Myself and my youngest son both have respiratory issues and severe allergies. We have tried so many different products to try to keep us comfortable and healthy. We have tried medications and natural remedies and many, many different humidifiers, purifiers, ionizers and any other ier or izer you can think of. We’ve had some good results on and off. With medicine we have to remember to take it on time and sometimes that’s hard. Some of the different machines we have tried wear out quickly, or need expensive filters or additives.
I did a lot of reading up on the Venta brand before I was lucky enough to receive this machine for review. I could not wait to get it and start using it. This Venta Air Washer was very easy to put together and get running, it took about 5 minutes. 
There are no filters that need to be changed or cleaned. The rotating disk stack is easily washable by running it under water in the bath tub. The dusty, allergy ridden, dry air is drawn in and cycled and washed and put back out as purified, humidified,clean and healthy air. The best part of this machine is it is silent. There is no humming, no running motor noises, nothing. 
There are 3 settings you can use. Setting 1 is the lowest, and setting 2 and 3 make the fan spin a little faster. There is an automatic safety shut off so it stops as soon as you lift the upper housing off.
This did not take long at all to start making a difference in our house. This model covers up to 400 square feet, which works great for us because our house is open floor plan, so all the healthy air reaches most of the house. 
In the short time we have been using this we have experienced a noticeable difference. Myself and my son are not feeling as congested and stuffed up, we’ve been taking less medicine at home, and we have been sick a lot less also. I highly recommend this machine for anyone who has respiratory issues, or just wants to have healthier air in their home!
It’s time to clean and set up the air washer again! Venta sent us a winter treatment package to get our Venta back up and running for the cold weather season, or what there is of it here in Florida. My youngest has been doing quite a bit better since we first received this air washer. His incidents of bronchitis have been noticeably less recurrent in the past six months. We received the Water Treatment Additive and the Venta Cleaner.
Venta Cleaner-The Venta Cleaner has been specifically formulated for the thorough cleaning of our Airwashers. The Venta Cleaner should also be used before the storage of the device to ensure that all residues are removed.
Water Treatment Additive-The Venta Water Treatment Additive (WTA) is designed for the Venta Airwasher models to maintain hygienic conditions in the lower housing and to improve the evaporation process.It creates a sheeting action on the disks with the effect of maximizing the amount of surface area. It helps prevent calcium and lime build-up and helps to keep the water more anti-bacterial.
These products were easy to use and greatly improve the function of the air washer. We use this air washer almost year round. These products last 5-6 months, so it’s very easy to do the upkeep on this amazing machine!

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