Three Ways to Better Prepare Students for Higher Education

Three Ways to Better Prepare Students for Higher Education
There are dozens of differences between high school and college, but many students assume they can use the same skills they developed in high school when they reach the college level. This may result in students dropping out of school or receiving poor grades in their courses. Both parents and educators need to understand the importance of properly preparing students for higher education and know what they can do to help those students succeed. 
Focus on Learning Outside of the Classroom
Pete Briger, the creator of a Next program used in a K-12 school, implemented the Next program as a way to help students understand the way they learn. Briger created a program that encourages students to learn in various ways and to reflect back on their education. This unique program realizes that some students learn through interactions with their peers and that others learn through the books they read and television shows and movies they watch. Parents and teachers should not focus solely on the classes that students take in high school but also consider that many students learn just as much at home and away from school.
Encourage Students to Set Goals
Students who have strong goals are more likely to succeed in the future than those who are not goal oriented. It’s important that parents and teachers encourage students to set goals and look for ways to help them reach those goals. Most colleges require that students take either the SAT or ACT, and schools can help students perform better on those tests with practice exams and preparation courses. Students may also want to set goals involving when they apply for college, when they write their essays and when they take tours of local colleges.
Schools, teachers and parents can help students better prepare for college with AP courses or a PSEOP program. AP refers to advance placement classes that students take. They later take a test that asks them questions about the class they took. Students who receive a high score on the test can use the class as credit for a college course. PSEOP programs are post secondary enrollment opportunity programs that give students both high school and college credit for courses they take at a local community college. This gives students more experience in a college setting and lets them see what college is like.
Students have four years in high school to prepare for college, but many students only think about college during their junior or senior years. Parents and teachers should encourage students during their freshmen years to begin thinking about college and rely on other tips to better prepare those students for college.

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