Techy- Affordable Laptop Repair Review

Techy provides a laptop repair service at an affordable rate.
I was offered repair on my husbands laptop at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
Best price Guaranteed
Techy does all the work
Pay only for what they fix
Reliable Service
Customer always kept in the loop
Our Review
I have been looking for an affordable way to get my husbands older laptop repaired for a while now. I was offered the chance to review for Techy and I jumped at it. My husband is a game player, and doesn’t realize all the background and add on junk that can come with games and tool bars. His laptop was running slow, shutting down randomly and he had a bunch of “fix your system now” pop ups every time he turned it on.
If you have software issues you download a small software program on your computer that allows the technician remote access to work on your system. You give the technician the ID and password, and they get to work. If you have hardware issues then you receive a label to print to send your machine to them for repair.
My husbands laptop had software issues, so we installed the remote access software and the technician went to work. My kids were fascinated watching the mouse and the screens on daddy’s laptop move all by themselves. The technician stayed in the touch through the whole process by email. He had to go back in a few times to clear up problems that were still present, but he kept at it until it was completely cleaned up and running smoothly again.
We were very impressed with the technician and the service on the computer. Now his laptop runs smooth and he can play his game without issues.
Techy wants to give away a brand new Windows 8.1 tablet! Simply follow us on Twitter and tweet us out to enter. You can also gain more entries by requesting a repair with us. Don’t forget to refer your friends for those extra entries! 

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