Soufeel Charm Bracelet Review

Providing the memorable jewelry for each person with stories, valuable and precious moments that you want to keep and cherish forever.
I was sent a Basic Bracelet and 6 charms of my choice at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

My Review
I love jewelry and bracelets top my list in the jewelry department. I have wanted a charm bracelet for a long time, but the different ones out there can get really expensive. I was asked to review a bracelet and charms for Soufeel and I could not wait to be able to pick out the charms I wanted. They have a huge selection! I received the Sterling Silver Basic Bracelet to put my charms on. The bracelet is simple and beautiful itself. The sterling silver is great for anyone who may have allergies to lesser metals. the bracelet has a barrel clasp, so there’s no worry about it accidentally coming undone and falling off, It is comfortable to wear and you can select the size so you have the perfect fit for your wrist.
Soufeel has a very large selection of charms to choose from in all different styles. I chose a Mom charm, a Beach Bum, Dolphin, Autism Awareness, Coffee and Wine. The charms are beautiful and are high quality. The detail on some of them is really amazing also. The charms are all slightly different size and shape so when ordering your bracelet size it is recommended you go up one size to be comfortable.
I absolutely love this bracelet and the charms I picked out and wear it every day! These bracelets also work with other brands of charms, and the charms work with other brands of bracelets.
Soulfeel is offering my reader a 5% discount! Use code Review5 from now until June 25th!

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