Mastey Hair Care Review

When it comes to healthy, beautiful hair, Mastey is the clear choice! Without the use of chemicals and additives that can harm your beautiful locks, you get shiny hair color that will last, vibrancy and dimension you will adore, and healthy ingredients your hair will love. When choosing hair care products, there is more on the line than just the color. With Shampoo and Conditioning Sulfate-free since 1978, hair stays protected. How do the products you choose make an impact on the environment? Mastey products are eco-friendly, green focused, and good for your hair, so you get the gorgeous natural hair color you desire and the peace of mind knowing your hair care products are environmentally friendly!
I received 4 Mastey products at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
I received Shampoo, Daily Conditioner, Volumizing Foam and Therapy Spray.
The Mastey Healthy Beautiful Hair Care System will cleanse, condition and protect your hair color from fading. Made with Argan Oil for conditioning & heat protection; Olive Oil for softness and shine; and anti-oxidant rich Grape Seed Extract to keep hair color looking vibrant. Designed to help strengthen and moisturize the hair while prolonging and protecting the life of hair color.The perfect foundation for healthy beautiful hair.
My Review
I have color damaged, dry and sometimes brittle hair issues. I can’t use just any old shampoo and I really need to use conditioner on a daily basis to make my hair feel and look decent. I have really dry skin and scalp also, so I’m very picky when it comes to shampoos, conditioners and other products.
I could not wait to try the Mastey products I received. It did not take long to feel and see the difference in my hair once I started using them. The Argan, Olive oil and Grape Seed oil ingredients also really helped my scalp feel more moisturized. My hair is more manageable, softer and looks shinier and brighter.
The Mastey shampoo, conditioner, and the foam and spray all smell amazing also. I only need to use a small amount of each to make my hair look great so the bottles of product last quite awhile. I am very happy with these products and I will definitely be trying other Mastey products in the future!

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