Kushyfoot Spring Essentials Review

Kushyfoot offers a wide assortment of products, with a comfort sole, ranging from foot covers, socks, knee highs and tights to suit your every need!
I received the following: Athletic Foot Cover, Peep Toe Style, Lace Top To Cover, Foot Cover and Sheer Knee Highs With Cotton Soles at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

My Review
I am a bit of a shoe fanatic to put it mildly. I am not big on socks and hosiery though. Sometimes I really do need to wear something under my shoes, especially my dressier shoes. Kushyfoot has become my favorite go to for foot coverings for almost any kind of shoe you can imagine. On the rare occasion I wear tennis shoes, the Athletic Foot Covers are very comfortable and don’t scrunch up inside my shoes causing discomfort and pain. The Sheer Knee Highs and Lace Top covers work nicely for my slip ons when I have to dress up a little bit for work or when going out after work.
These foot covers are fashionable, comfortable and affordable. Kushyfoot has a huge selection of designs, materials and fits so you will find what you need for any shoe or occasion.

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