Ice Chips Candy Review

Ice Chips™ are an all natural, xylitol-based mint that come in 20 delicious flavors. Why xylitol? Because it has both restorative and protective powers. While it is a wonderful and natural substitute for sugar, it is in the mouth that xylitol exhibits its most beneficial qualities. Many studies show it can actually restore damaged enamel. Additionally, xylitol provides an inhospitable environment for germs and bacteria, meaning they cannot thrive and multiply when xylitol is present. Xylitol is also safe for diabetics. For these reasons, many dentists now sell xylitol products in their offices and encourage the use of xylitol mints and gum in their patients.
We received the Variety pack which included Peppermint, Cinnamon, Lemon, Black Licorice, Berry Mint and Root Beer Float at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
My Review

I work in a call center and talk all day long on the telephone. My mouth gets quite dry by the end of the day. I usually keep mints or gum with me, but I have to be careful that the sound of me chewing on something does not come through the phone. These Ice Chips candies come in 6 different flavors and are in “chips” so I can pick out the small pieces in between my calls. The flavors are really good, and the bet part is they have Xylitol instead of sugar, and the Xylitol is healthier for your teeth. I don’t feel guilty letting my kids have a couple pieces because I know these aren’t chock full of sugar. The ice chip pieces are unique to other candies and mints we have tried. None of the pieces are uniform, and they can broken into smaller pieces easily, unlike some other candies and mints. These are a favorite here and we will keep buying these! 

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