Home for Dinner Review

Kids need more than food. They’re starving for family dinners.
Dinnertime has become a rare luxury among today’s busy families. Yet study after study shows that no other hour in your children’s day will deliver as many emotional and psychological benefits as the one spent sharing food and conversation, unwinding, and connecting. Increased resiliency and self-esteem, higher academic achievement, a healthier relationship to food — these and other positive outcomes have been linked to the simple act of eating dinner together.
Make it happen for your family with Harvard psychologist Anne Fishel’s impassioned by practical can-do primer for prioritizing mealtime. Dinner become doable with the tips, recipes, and heaps of inspiration packed into this one-stop family-happiness booster. Learn how to:
Overcome time-constraints, scheduling issues, and post-work fatigue
Put delicious food on the table with quick, healthy recipes
Get everyone to pitch in, even the littlest cooks
Bring gratitude to the table, and avert complaints and conflict
Satisfy varied taste buds, from picky toddlers to meat-denouncing teens
Get your family talking, laughing, and engaging with one another
Keep it up — with minimal hassle, and a lifetime of rewards
We received a copy of this book at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
We love to cook in our house and we have quite a few favorite cook books. This book is really great because it not only offers up some great quick and health meals that even the pickiest eater will love, but gives some great tips for getting everyone to participate and enjoy meal time together. There are also suggestions for how to initiate conversations that are meaningful and will help you really connect with your children. My boys are still quite young but there are so many useful tips along with the great recipes. Every family should have this book in their collection!

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