Encore Buddy Weather Alert Radio Review

When an emergency strikes, Encore Buddy is ready to power up after being stored for many months* without being plugged into the electrical grid or a supply of batteries. It will keep working when there is no mains power and reliably receive radio transmissions. For safety the integrated flashlight lights your way in darkness.
I received an Encore Buddy at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

Our Review
We moved down to Florida from Pennsylvania two years ago. I knew that the weather would be different down here, but I wasn’t quite prepared for just how different it can be. Hurricane season was a bit of a shock the first year, even though we are in an area where we are pretty safe. We are in the middle of the state not too close to the shores. We still get hit with some pretty heavy rain, winds and other storm damage though. My husband has been talking about getting a weather radio for awhile, we just hadn’t gotten around to it yet. I was sent the Encore Buddy and my husband was thrilled.
This Encore Buddy Weather Alert Radio is chargeable by USB or solar power and can also be kept running by crank. The lithium ion battery is rechargeable and replaceable. It’s not only a weather radio, but is a AM/FM radio. It has a powerful 3 LED flashlight, and can even keep your cell phone charged when the power is out.
This is a great little radio for when we spend the day at the beach or springs also. The radio antenna is sturdy and all our favorite stations come in pretty clear.  This is a must have no matter what are you live in or what the weather in your state!

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