Colorado Aromatics Review

Colorado Aromatics Cultivated Skin Care is a scientifically crafted skin care line formulated with hard working herbs grown on our Longmont farm.
I received 2 products from Colorado Aromatics at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

Toner/Hydrosol-These are Facial Hydrators recommended for toning, hydration and refreshment. Also called distillates, hydrosols and hydrolats, these lightly aromatic waters are hand distilled on our farm from herbs we grow. Rich in antioxidants they can calm and tone the skin. Use on the face or all over the body. Try it on a rash or irritation or spray it on your hair before brushing to smooth the cuticle, soften hair and decrease frizz. Many customers use them on airplanes for hydration and soothing. Some customers use lavender to calm themselves during a rough day at work. The natural pH of herbal distillates is balanced to the skin and hair making them perfect to help restore that balance.
Angel Falls Shampoo-Herbal Spunk Shampoo is now Angel Falls Shampoo. Our all natural shampoo contains conditioners and herbs to soften hair, improve comb-ability, improve sheen and manageability; no need to follow with a separate conditioner (Really). The all natural surfactants are gentle on the hair, will not strip color and are biodegradable. Botanical extracts and vitamin B for hair and follicle health. Great for color treated, dry and normal hair. Don’t just wash your hair, nourish your scalp and follicle as well.
I have a few issues with my skin and hair. Sun and weather can make for dry and uncomfortable skin, and dry, split ends for hair. I am always on the prowl for natural products that can make my skin feel better and make my hair look and feel healthier. I work in an office environment where the air conditioning does a number on my skin also. I really love how the Toner makes my skin feel. My face looks and feels softer and more refreshed even after a long day in the sun, or a day in my cold office. I have used the Toner in my hair a few times also, and it’s great for keeping my frizz tamed even in the humidity we deal with in FL.

I hate my hair more than I love it most days. It’s getting a bit longer and more difficult to take care of lately. I have yet to find a shampoo that I did not have to follow up with a conditioner, and a good bit of it at that. I decided to give the no conditioner needed claim a try, and I was really surprised. I only used the Angel Falls shampoo, and I was able to brush my hair with no conditioner, detangler or tears. Over the course of a week and a half my hair has felt softer, looked shinier and has been quite a bit more manageable. I suffer from Seborrheic dermatitis and this shampoo has helped with the symptoms of that also. I have been more comfortable and more confident about my hair and skin with both these products!

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