ACTIVEON Camera Review

ACTIVEON Action Cameras! We want to create a fun and exciting community of ACTIVEON Action Camera fans to share their life experiences!
I received an AVTIVEON DX with accessories at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

Full HD 1080P 60fps recording
12MP Pro-grade CMOS sensor
8 aspherical elements glass F/2.4 lens
Built-in LCD / Built-in WiFi
1200mah Powerful battery
Time lapse photo & Video
196’/60M Waterproof
Included with the camera we recieved
– Waterproof Housing(AA06A)
– Opened Backdoor
– Flat Adhesive Mount
– Curved Adhesive Mount
– Long Connector
– Short Connector
– 90° Pivot Connector
– Screws
– Rechargeable Battery(AA01A)
– Micro USB Cable
Universal Suction Mount
Our Review

I love taking pictures. I take pictures of EVERYTHING and ANYTHING. I especially like to take great pictures when we take one of our family days out together to the beach, springs, parks and many other attractions where we live in Florida. There is so much to do here, which means there are so many pictures waiting to be taken. I take pictures with my cell phone of course, and I even have a nice Fuji digital camera I use. The cell phone and the Fuji are not water proof though and they are kind of limited in the pictures and movies that can be taken with them.
I was so excited when I was asked to review the Activeon camera and read up on what it could do and all the accessories that come with it. I especially love the water proof casing because we spend a lot of time at the beach and springs. This is such a clear and powerful camera and video recorder for it’s size! I was a little taken aback by how small it was at first to be honest. I could not wait for an opportunity to use it. That chance came a few weeks ago when we went to Daytona Beach for my birthday. I made sure to read the instructions for the different functions and then I just started having fun with it. 
As you can see this camera takes amazingly clear pictures. I love the wide angle lens, I am able to get so much more in one picture! As you can see the video has the same amazing clarity as static pictures, and even the audio is clear. The battery lasts at least 2 hours, but I was able to use it longer than that because I turned it off in between trying to catch the perfect shot. The camera comes with several different charging attachments, so you can keep the battery charged on the go. The DX has a playback function so you can check your pictures and video to make sure you get the perfect shot every time.
I am thrilled with this camera, and my husband loves it also. He is excited to try it out with the head strap, and he wants to mount it on his bike when he goes riding again. This is one of the best cameras I’ve used and it will be getting a lot of use this summer!

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