8 Bad Habits That Are Actually Good For You

8 Bad Habits That Are Actually Good For You
Mom always told you to stop fidgeting, but did you know that it’s actually good for you if you’re trying to lose weight? From drinking coffee to hitting the “Snooze” button just one more time, here are eight of your bad habits that you can actually keep.
1. Drinking a ton of coffee. 
People have always thought of coffee as really unhealthy. However, it’s filled with antioxidants and it offers a lot of health benefits, like fighting Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, diabetes, and liver cancer, while improving memory.
2. Sleeping late. 
People thing that getting extra sleep in the morning means you’re lazy. However, it’s your circadian rhythms that should tell you when to get up, not your alarm clock. Most people in the U.S. actually sleep too little, not too much. People who are sleep-deprived suffer a host of health problems, including overeating. Missing some daylight hours? Get a healthy glow with sunless tanning in Nixa, MO.
3. Complaining. 
People think that complaining is terrible because you affect the people around you with your negative ways. Actually, looking on the bright side isn’t always an indication that you’re happy. Being realistic about life, including about the bad things, means that someone has better mental health. 
4. Biting your nails. 
People think that biting your nails is bad because a lot of germs lurk under your nails. Some doctors, though, have claimed that regularly exposing yourself to those nasty germs will actually help you build up your immunity.
5. Chewing gum. 
Chewing gum can actually help people focus. It’s especially beneficial for people who are taking a test or studying. In fact, chewing gum is even better for improving focus than coffee.
6. Being messy. 
Messy people are more creative! Unless your mess is distracting you from your work, don’t put pressure on yourself to keep everything organized and neat.
7. Eating a lot of chocolate. 
Chocolate contains flavonoids, which prevent things like stroke and cancer. Dark chocolate is healthier because it has less sugar, but milk chocolate has flavonoids, too.
8. Fidgeting. 
This counts as exercise! You’ll burn calories, just maybe not as many as you would on the treadmill. It can increase your metabolism overall, though.
Before you try with all your might to break the habits you’ve had since you were a child, consider whether or not they’re actually healthy to keep around.

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