4 Tips for Buying Dress Shirts

4 Tips for Buying Dress Shirts
Dress shirts send the impression of sophistication and professionalism, but only if you buy the right kind. Here are four tips for finding and fitting the perfect shirt.
1. Know Your Measurements
Dress shirts aren’t like t-shirts; they don’t usually come in “medium” and “large.” You’ll need to know the exact dimensions of your arms, chest and torso if you want your dress shirt to fit you like it was tailor made for your form.
2. Shop in the Right Category
Dress shirts are cut differently for men and women, so make sure you’re shopping for your gender when browsing an online store or catalogue. You don’t want to order a beautiful shirt only to realize that it fits all wrong in the chest.
3. Consider Your Collar
There are dozens of varieties in dress shirt collars. Do you want a tall-spread collar or a cutaway collar? Are you looking for something with a point collar, or does your workplace specify the need for button-dollar collars?
4. Don’t Forget Special Features
Non iron dress shirts are great for pilots and other professionals who don’t always have time to “prep” their wardrobe before getting to work. You can also find special dress shirts made for different kinds of weather.
These are just four things to keep in mind as you shop for dress shirts. Whether you’re headed to work or just sprucing yourself up for a dinner party, these tips should help you look your best!

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