Zyllion Shiatsu Neck and Back Massage Pillow with Heat Review

Here at Zyllion, we understand that it can be a stressful world. That is why we provide every one of our customers with the most innovative, relaxing, and therapeutic, health and personal care products.
I received the newest product from Zyllion, the ZMA-19-BK Shiatsu Neck and Back Massage Pillow with Heat, at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

My Review
I have a lot of back and leg pain. If you follow my blog regularly you know I have Fibromyalgia and Arthritis and a few other health issues. I absolutely live for and depend on awesome products like this massage pillow to help my poor body keep going. I have another slightly larger pillow from Zyllion and I love it. I couldn’t wait to get this one and try it. This one is a smaller size but is every bit, if not more powerful. The heat option really helps too. I use this Shiatsu massage pillow for my lower back, neck and my legs. This pillow even comes with an adapter so I can use it in the car on long trips. The massage function is amazing, and it really works for my back pain and my leg pain after a long day at work. The Shiatsu really works out the kinks and makes my sore muscles feel better.

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