Personalized Engraved Cutting Board

A personalized cutting board is a wonderful way to celebrate an anniversary, wedding, housewarming and many more occasions in your life. In addition this boards make memorable gifts, allowing for that personal touch to show appreciation to business partners or prospective clients.
All boards are carved from the highest grade of natural wood, quadruple sanded, immersed in mineral oil and finished with homemade board butter for ultimate durability, luster and shine. Personalization is achieved with a state of the art laser engraver. Straga Products has created more than fifty unique templates to commemorate the special occasions in a person’s life. Each and every board comes with cutting board butter and in beautiful gift wrapping at your choice.
I received two beautiful engraved cutting boards at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

Our Review
These cutting boards are beautiful. We love to cook and I love to have nice items in my kitchen. Plain jane plastic or wood cutting boards don’t really add anything to kitchen decor. I was offered the chance to review these cutting boards from Straga. I had one made for me and my husbands wedding date and I also had one made for my parents, whose anniversary is coming up in July. The one I chose for us (Zuna) is a Purpleheart wood. The one for my parents (Williams) is Walnut. The engraving is done by laser. I was able to select the design I wanted, they have so many to choose from! You can also choose the font you want and the size of the cutting board. You can have it gift wrapped, and have a note card included if you want to send one as a gift.
The boards come with body butter to treat them before you use them, and to keep them in good shape as you use and clean them. The non engraved side is the side you use to cut on while you can display the engraved side when you’re not using it. 

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