NatureZway Review

NatureZway knows that people are wising up about what goes into their cleaning products and the effects on the earth. That’s why they provide eco-friendly products made from renewable resources that leaves minimal or zero footprint on the earth. These products are also perfect for cleaning up messes after cooking, as they don’t leave chemicals or harmful residues behind. NatureZway towels, cloths, sponges, and wipes deliver superior quality at an affordable price while truly caring for the earth.
Why bamboo?
· Bamboo is from the Grass family and easily renewable.
· Fast Growing and matures in only 3 years.
· Takes up less land space.
· Uses less water than trees.
· Requires Zero pesticides to grow.
· Reduces soil erosion.
· Reduces greenhouse gases and captures more CO2 from the atmosphere than trees or cotton.
I received at no cost in exchange for an honest review:
Bamboo Perforated Towels – This cleaning dynamo feels and performs just like a cloth and can be thrown away like paper towel, but without the guilt! Plus, it’s more durable and absorbent for less towels per job and can be rinsed up to 100 times! No traditional paper towel can do that!
Bamboo Sponge – Wash any surface in the kitchen or bathroom without a scratch! This plant-based sponge and cover made of bamboo rayon is super strong, super long lasting and safe on all surfaces. When spent, just toss away without a thought. 
Bamboo Drying Cloth – Say hello to the next generation of kitchen cloth! This soft, non-scratch towel is super absorbent, lasts much longer and is more eco-friendly than traditional cotton and microfiber towels.
My Review
I have had the opportunity to try different Bamboo based products in my blogging career, and have been happy with the products I’ve gotten. These products from NatureZway did not disappoint! I really hate spending money on cleaning products that are used once and then thrown away. I’m always looking for different kinds of sponges and towels to help with the cleaning duties here. I have never tried reusable paper towel type products before, so I was a little skeptical. I was quite impressed with these perforated towels. I was able to use these to wipe down counters, sinks, and dishes. I rinsed and reused these several times before I had to throw them away, so this roll lasted for quite a while.

The drying towels are also pretty impressive. These absorb a lot of liquid quickly and leave dishes and counters completely dry. These work a lot better than some of the other kitchen towels I have used over the last couple of years. These drying cloths are very soft, and keep that softness even after numerous washes.

I have been using the Bamboo Sponges for dishes and wiping my counters and stove, and I love how well they work. They really cut the grease and food, and they rinse clean easily. These bamboo sponges don’t get moldy, and they don’t smell like other sponges do.

I am really happy with all 3 of these products, and I would definitely buy from NatureZway again!

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