We created Lindi Skin in 2003 as the first complete Skincare line designed specifically for the unique needs of people with the most compromised skin. Whether you are undergoing cancer treatment, dealing with sensitive skin, or just want luxurious skincare, our safe, gentle, clinically-proven line of skincare is unlike anything you’ve ever tried.
I received 4 products from LINDI SKIN at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

My Review
I have just recently celebrated a birthday, and I’m a little sad to say I’m at the age now where I am starting to notice some small wrinkles and that my skin is not as bright and smooth as it used to be. I have very dry and sensitive skin, so finding good products that don’t irritate and make my skin worse can be difficult. These products have been easy to use and have made my skin feel and look great. I use the Face Wash and the Face Serum every couple days. The Lip Balm is my favorite lip balm I’ve used in a while. The heat and humidity down here in Florida can be treacherous, and my lips get very dry and cracked. The lip balm is soothing and keeps my lips hydrated and keeps them from cracking. If you have sensitive skin and need some good care products, Lindi Skin is where you need to look first!
Use code BLOG25 to get free shipping and 25% off all products through May 31st. The company will also make a donation to the American Cancer Society’s “Look Good, Feel Better” program for every purchase through this date.

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