Kidz Gear Headphones with Mic Review

Kidz Gear – #1 selling brand of Headphones for Kids. Kidz Gear has been focused since 2002 on developing products that are made with, function like and last as long as adult products but are specifically designed with children in mind.

Our Review
My boys are both seriously connected to everything electronic. They play on daddy’s computer, phone, my Kindle and their XBox. I make them use headphones so I don’t have to listen to every single song or game they play. They have gone through quite a few pairs of headphones, they are so rough on them. These Kidz Gear headphones are perfect for my boys. They stand up to them and their roughness with no problems. They love that these have the microphone on them too for playing games with friends on the XBox. These headphones have a volume control on them so I don’t have to worry about them playing anything too loud and damaging their hearing. The biggest problem now is getting them to share them. They also come with a nice carrying case so they can use them when we travel. These are the best headphones I have found for my boys so far!
Kidz Gear is available on Amazon.comApple Store, Target and several other online retailers.

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