How To Stay Head And Shoulders Above All Fashion Trends

How To Stay Head And Shoulders Above All Fashion Trends
Are you searching for just the perfect item to add to your costume, but you just can’t think of it? Depending on the occasion you’re dressing for, the missing clue may be closer than you think. In fact, it may be just under your nose! 
What is it about feather boas that make them an eternal fashion accessory? What is the magical touch that a good boa ads to almost any ensemble? What makes them so slinky, seductive, and just plain sexy? The answer may lie deep within the confines of human psychology, but one thing is certain: They’re very bold, and you will certainly be noticed when you accessorize with one of these beauties!
Somewhere Over The Rain-Boa
When it comes time to add that special something to your ensemble, why not reach for a bit of classic inspiration and add an element that has stood head and shoulders above all other fashion trends for many centuries? A classic feather boa can top off your special outfit with a touch of whimsy, wonder, and womanhood. Let’s face it, this is one item that we don’t want to see draped around the shoulders of our men folk. This one’s all ours, girls!
The Many Uses Of The Boa
Whether you’re planning your costume details for a party, wedding, reception, or important social function, a boa can serve many purposes. Just like all of our favorite and most perennial fashion accessories, the humble boa performs many more services than many would suspect at first glance!
A strategically placed feather boa can set off your ensemble with just the right touch of color. It can highlight your costume in a way that draws attention to all your best bits, while diverting attention away from other bits that may be more of a “work in progress”. And it can give you just the right “play item” to twirl about and strike a pose with.
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