Expressions Bracelets Review and Giveaway

Expressions is a bracelet design company that specializes in creating the trendiest, high quality bracelets on the market today. I also do custom orders so that my customers and I can create a one of a kind, uniquely fashionable piece. 
I received 2 pieces from Expressions Bracelets at no charge in exchange for an honest review.

My Review
I love bracelets. I was so excited to get these bracelets from Expressions Bracelets to review. Jewelry is a girls best friend. I can’t wear earrings, and necklaces still bother me some because my kids are still young and they get hung up in little hands. Bracelets are the perfect accessory. I received the beaded bracelet, and the metal cuff pictured above. 
I love the turquoise color of the beaded bracelet and the way the gold cross contrasts with the blue color of the beads. The bracelet fits nicely, and is eye catching. It goes with almost anything I wear.
The cuff bracelet is also perfect. The saying “Just Breathe” is one of my mantras that I repeat probably 20 times a day at my rather stressful full time job. The cuff fits nicely on my arm, and goes with anything from pajama pants and a t-shirt to a nice dress for a night out.
I am impressed with the designs and quality of these bracelets and will ordering more from Expressions Bracelets!
Win a Personalized Cuff Bracelet!

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