Easter Gift Ideas

What’s in your Easter Basket this year?
Here are a few great gift ideas that are in mine!
Big hugs come in small packages with these Care Bears bean plush! Made with bright colors and the softest fabric, they are perfect for collecting and cuddling. Or, fill the basket with a true Easter treat! Easter-themed Care Bears are the best of both – plush Care Bears with bunny ears!.
Make Your Case – Create and design two real cell phone cases or design one of four the ready-made cases with the Make Your Case Maker! Push the plunger into the Case Maker and fill your mold with your chosen color. Once the mold has set, you can bling a selfie, decorate your pet or favorite musician’s picture or more. Girl and boy designs available. Compatible with iPod Touch 5, iPhone 4/4s, iPod Touch 5/5c/5s and Samsung S3/4. Also comes with gems, stickers and design sheets. Available at all major retailers. Ages 8+. Price $24.99

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