Cheribundi Review

Cherries are one of the most beneficial of the “Super Fruits.” Cherries, particularly tart cherries, aside from being packed with antioxidants, are a proven sleep aid (they contain melatonin) and anti-inflammatory for athletes (weekend warriors or competitive). It also helps with weight loss, healthy heart, slows aging of skin, prevents gout, fights cancer, diabetes, alzheimers, and even improves memory. You might say it’s the “Ultimate Super Fruit”!
One of the best, and only, sources for pure tart cherry juice is Cheribundi – this is the healthy beverage packed with the juice of 50 tart cherries.

I received some samples of Cheribundi at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
My Review
I am always on the look out for healthier alternatives to soda and sugary juices for myself and my family. I have arthritis in my back and knees, and Fibromyalgia. I never sleep well, and don’t feel good most of the time. I was excited to try these Cheribundi juices and see if I felt a difference. Cherries have anti inflammatory properties and contain Melatonin. I have been drinking the Cheribundi for about 2 weeks now. I have noticed that I have been sleeping a little bit better than I normally do at night. The juice is not super sweet, it is a little bit tart. It is really good though and easy to drink. I haven’t had as much swelling in my knees with walking lately also. My son really likes the Blueberry and Cherry and the Lemonade flavor. My kids drink it because they like the flavor, and the melatonin in the cherries helps them settle and sleep a little better at night too. It’s a win win. 
You can check out the benefits of Cheribundi by taking their 7 Day Challenge.
Discover the benefits of tart cherries by adding one 8 ounce serving of Cheribundi tart cherry juice to your diet for 7 days in a row. We believe you will experience a difference in the way you feel!

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