Making your Family Living Area a Haven of Cosiness

Making your Family Living Area a Haven of Cosiness
Most of us want a home that exudes both comfort and warmth, a welcoming sanctuary that’s as pleasant a place as possible to spend time in. Fortunately, there are plenty of inexpensive items that will bring some cosiness to your living areas as well as adding a bit more protection if there are young children in the home.
From over-sized cushions to luxurious throws to some plush foot-rests – it doesn’t take much to add a little comfort.
Luxury underfoot
Hardwood floors are clean, easy to maintain and look great but they are pretty much the opposite of comfort. If you’ve invested in this type of flooring then some large home rugs will not only complement your flooring but can also make the room appear larger. Luxury versions are great for the kids to play on and you can choose rugs in shades that match or contrast with the furniture and wall decor. If you have a table in your living area then a rug can also help to fix the table to one spot; important if you have kids running around the home.
Additional comfort
That central and underfloor heating may keep you toasty during the evenings but it’s always good to have a little additional warmth. Throws and blankets draped over sofas can provide a touch of color and are perfect to wrap up in when reading a book and watching television or a film. Combine that with a padded footstool on which to rest your legs and you’ll probably find it difficult to move from the sofa all night. Footstools of course make great little seats for the kids and they now come in a range of designs including the latest stylish pods and those luxury leather cubes with storage facilities in which to keep your throws.

The little touches
Over-sized cushions and pillows look great on plain sofas especially with the funkier, bright designs that are now available. If your home décor sways towards plain walls and muted furniture colors then choose cushions that contrast to make a bold statement. Remember that an uncluttered living area also goes a long way towards creating a more comfortable looking room; use some baskets for newspapers and magazines as well as storage boxes to keep the kid’s toys in. Don’t forget your lighting options and a dimmer switch or table lamps are a great idea if you’re a fan of subdued lighting for a warmer, more intimate atmosphere.
All of these home products are inexpensive to buy but can make a big difference to the look of your home. Your kids will no doubt be happy with these additional little comforts, especially when it’s time to gather on the sofa for a film or story before bedtime.

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