Laureb Ipsum: A Story About Computer Science and Other Improbable Things Review

The book’s clever young heroine, Lauren, journeys through a land that runs on logic, where she meets wacky characters (inspired by programming concepts) and solves puzzles like the ones programmers solve every day. Bueno’s whimsical story will have inquisitive kids thinking and learning right away. And for those of us who may not be quite as technically savvy as we’d like, a readers’ guide for the curious elaborates on the connection between Lauren’s adventures and real-life computer science topics.
I received a copy of this book at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
My 9 year old is absolutely addicted to anything electronic. He had his own laptop for awhile (an old one) and was so excited and learned how to do things on it very quickly! He loves to learn and try new things too. This book was written so well, and really geared for kids that want to learn and have fun learning. He did not put this book down for days, and kept telling us and showing us everything he was learning. He is very into video games, and he is so analytical and whip smart that I could definitely see him being a game creator and/or programmer. The story in the book is cute and makes the learning so fun and easy. I consider myself pretty computer smart, but I will be keeping this book handy to teach myself a few things too! If you are computer inclined, or have kids who are, you need this book in your life!
Available at fine bookstores everywhere, and at the links below.

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