InkCopious Review

There are many tattoo products on the Market and every once in a while a revolutionary product line comes along and changes everything.
We know times have changed and we have reinvented tattoo care, we are not your moms tattoo product. We started with the most superior all natural ingredients that provide effective care for all weather and environmental conditions.
Our superior non toxic environmentally friendly, all natural line of pre and after care tattoo products do not contain any Parabens or petroleum based ingredients. The line of products is an essential part of keeping your body art sharp and rich in color over the lifetime of your tattoos.
Your tattoos deserve to be preserved and protected with the best tattoo care products around. Inkcopious premium line of products are designed for you. Tattoos are for life but they will fade over time and that’s why tattoo care products are so important.
We give you our guarantee that our products will be the most effective you will ever use.
I received the InkCopious Keepz-It at no cost in exchange for an honest review.
My Review
Myself and my husband both have tattoos that are several years old. Both of our tattoos are also done by friends, not in tattoo shops. The colors and lines of our tattoos have started to fade some over time. We both have plans to have our tattoos added too and recolored when we have the funds to do so. In the mean time, I was happy to get this Keepz-It cream from InkCopious. The Keepz-It Enhancing Cream will keep new tattoos shielded from damaging sun and weather, but can also rejuvenate older tattoos. Keepz-It contains Shea butter, grape seed oil, tea tree oil and Japanese green tea. My tattoo is pretty faded out, it has been about 10 years since it was done, and I admit I have not taken the best care of it. This cream from InkCopious has already helped it look a little better in the short time I’ve been using it. My husbands tattoos is just an outline, and it has helped the lines of his tattoo look cleaner and brighter. InkCopious has several other products for tattoo care, including a numbing cream and an after care ointment. When we got to get them fixed, we will definitely be using InkCopious products to keep them looking great!

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