Corporate Philanthropy: Keeping The American Dream Alive

Corporate Philanthropy: Keeping The American Dream Alive
Part of the great American dream has always been the immediately availability of superior social services. For example, the progress of American democracy would have been severely impeded by the lack of a strong and healthy postal service to carry information to the masses in the hinterlands outside of the great Eastern seaboard cities. 
Likewise, more recent innovations, such as Social Security, have fostered a great tradition of care and concern for the American public, the impact on whom cannot be stated in disparaging terms. The price of such great progress has always been a corresponding increase in the power, size, and scope of the government and its functions.
Is The Size And Scope Of Government Simply Too Big?
However, many citizens have been in an uproar of controversy and concern over the trend of the past few decades toward bigger, less efficient, yet more intrusive, government. This trend toward bigger government was partially reversed during the Reagan years, but seems to have returned in full force during the past several administrations. 
Even though the overall size of the government has undoubtedly increased, there are many who have expressed grave concerns over its ability to perform the tasks that the American people have traditionally entrusted it with. As a result, there are many who are calling for a reduction in both the size and scope of the government, with its attendant bureaucracy and large, inefficient labor pool.
When Government Fails In Its Task, Private Enterprise Steps In
However, a workable solution has always been available in the immense resources and powers of private enterprise. The American dream was founded on the spirit of free trade and entrepreneurship. When social services fail in a community, it is often these great officers of corporate enterprise who step in to fill the void and supply the people with the goods and services they need to get by. 
There are many examples of great corporate chiefs doing good work for their communities. Among them might be numbered such luminaries as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Richard Branson. Others, such as Natixis CEO John Hailer, may not be as famous, but their good work on behalf of the American public has been no less crucial and influential.
Realizing The American Dream, One Step At A Time
Hailer, in particular, has been very active in the Boston area, where he has given patronage and sponsorship to such worthy organizations as the St. Francis House, the Elizabeth Stone House, Boston Medical Center, Ellis Memorial, Strong Women Strong Girls, and many others. Such excellent work and service are only the tip of the iceberg where corporate philanthropy and sponsorship are concerned.

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